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A lonely and beautiful smoking woman

After a long time today, I even had a smoke, and get out of hand. Is the man to life, but is a cycle of terror, after around a week, I found myself back to the starting point. Although he is not that he, and I was no longer that I. Again light up the moment, I know, I no longer expect someone to . . . ..........Read full article

The Inner World of Smoking Women

We were unable to reckon and judge the inner world of women to smoke, but we have a right to judge or appreciate a smoking woman, in the hearts of many men and women to smoke the contradiction of the heart is always the feel of smoking women are very sexy, but if facing the deep love of woman, men . . . ..........Read full article

Smoking Girl

Today is January 1, 2016. A new year is coming, How time flies! Now it is particularly important, enjoy the moment of happiness than looking forward to the future happy too much. Wish all friends a happy new year! The opening of the new year, dedicated to the girl who likes to smoke! In a number of . . . ..........Read full article

What Does Marlboro mean to A Woman

A Marlboro cigarette. What does it mean for a woman? Maybe the climax of lust, or perhaps breaking up which make you sad. Love without harm is not complete. Is short, all stuff is short, but also because of short-term and more beautiful beautiful. By a little injury, will cry, that is a simple woman . . . ..........Read full article


I had always insisted in not to smoke, and people around me all like to smoke Newport and Marlboro cigarettes. So I think, why are so many people addicted to cigarettes? Or when they are in low with a cigarettes? In my opinion, as a man who does not smoke, should be better than smokers. In fact, . . . ..........Read full article

Quit Smoking

After quit smoking several times, because of the pain of the process, I didn’t have the temper, also less moral. Quit smoking many times, my wife was very tired when I said the word “quit smoking”, this also nagging me from time to time: “You will never quit smoking successfully because you . . . ..........Read full article

The Charm of A Man Smoking

A smoking man is like his silence, revealing the beauty of deep and mature! From the cloud of smoke in the men, we can know the passions, which may occasionally reveal a little tire and depression! Man often quiet sits in the table with the hands of the smoke released into the atmosphere with a thin . . . ..........Read full article

Smoking Experience

I began to learn to smoke I was six years old, full of tobacco for more than 20 years of dealing with, it can be said to be an authentic old smokers. I often buy cigarettes online, and also have many ways to buy cheap Newport cigarettes, and to the virtue of people smoking a little comments, I . . . ..........Read full article

I love Smoking Newport 100s Cigarettes

I love smoking, because of that misty void. Through the smoke, see not pure space, but not see each others’ face, in the face of a plume of smoke, my thoughts and erratic, like the freedom of not being to tie him down, they will think of you, the friend of a friend, a wandering . . . ..........Read full article

My Father with Marlboro Cigarettes

When I was 11 years old, my father announced the cessation of smoking Marlboro cigarettes, which is the only father did not break my promise to quit smoking, after that, I will not steal. I'm still not how clever, but I really tame many. I admit that I love my father more than my mother, but she . . . ..........Read full article

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